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Chef's Corner - An Introduction

Introducing Chef's Corner

We have some VERY exciting news to share with all of you. As always it’s our goal to create a community with our Farmers Market Boxes. With that being said, we are officially launching our Chef’s Corner on our website THIS WEEK with Chef John Miller at the helm!

John went to culinary school and is trained in classic French culinary arts. Each recipe will include at least one item that you can find in your Farmers Market Box. Not only his he trained in the art of fine dining but he has also won cooking contests and awards for simple, down-home Southern cooking. He does it all!

The recipes he shares will have a great variety of produce as the star of the show, produce side dishes, and more. The possibilities are endless!

So, stay tuned for some great and creative recipes that will inspire you and your whole family to branch out from your normal meals and, of course, eat better, feel better, and live better! 

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  • So happy to find these yummy recipes. The lasagna, and the potato appetizer look yum. The almandine green beans are on menu for tomorrow. Especially love it when recipe AND picture print. Thank you for this additional add on to Farmers Market Box.

    • Sue middleton