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Where does The Farmers Market Box deliver?

Currently, The Farmers Market Box delivers in various locations in St. John’s County, Florida and Putnam County, Florida. For a more detailed list of our delivery locations follow click here. If you don’t see yourself on the list, please reach out to us via email for more information. And be sure to check back frequently as we add delivery locations based on demand!

Does The Farmers Market Box ship?

No, The Farmers Market Box does not currently ship. We are only a delivery service that comes right to your doorstep! Currently we only serve deliveries for select areas in St. Johns County, Florida and Putnam County, Florida.

What exactly is going to in my box?

Our expert picked Farmers Market Boxes vary week by week. Check out our Facebook and Instagram (@thefarmersmarketbox) pages Monday and Wednesday to see a sneak peak of your fresh produce that will be delivered right to your doorstep that week!

Where is the produce sourced?

It is our goal for our produce to be locally sourced in Florida, so we can support local farmers! On our weekly posts we will be providing specifics on where each of the items in the box are sourced, so you know exactly where your fresh food is coming from.

Can I customize my box?

Yes, we have officially brought back Build Your Own Boxes and Add Ons!

What happens if I am not home at the time of delivery?

If you are not home at the time of delivery, no worries! We will leave your box on the front porch of your home in the shade so the produce stays as fresh as possible.

How do I cancel my Farmers Market Box Club Subscription?

We are sorry to see you go! Canceling your subscription is easy, just follow the link below and enter in your information, along with the email that you purchased your subscription with and you will be able to cancel your subscription.

You can also send us a message on Facebook or an email to and we update your subscription however you need. 

Subscription Management